Top Eight Parenting Blogs to Follow


As a parent, we know how hard it is to manage time—from family, friends, career, and everything else in between, juggling your life plus the lives around you (your husband/wife, your children, etc.), is almost a death-defying act. Plus, with today’s fast-paced lifestyle managing ones time and energy is really a must for we are jam-packed with so many things to do because of the many opportunities around.

The good thing is, today’s generation allows us to get easily get everything in just a click, in just a snap. With the advent of the Internet, one swipe, one press, voila, we are transferred to the world that we want. So if you’re a first time mom or looking for new ideas so spice up your family life, stop wasting time, here are some helpful online resources parents should keep on your radar (in no particular order):

  1. Real Simple
    real-simpleReal Simple lives up to its name by keeping its material elegantly simple. Get insights on family life, tips on how to handle finances, home organization, pet care and general guidelines on smart day-to-day living. Have fun browsing its user-friendly website and easy-to-follow ideas.
  2. Apartment Therapy
    apartment-therapyHaving children doesn’t mean having to live with messy, crayoned, walls and floors. You can have your kids and their toys, and their overflowing creativity jive with your preferred interiors with the help of Apartment Therapy’s design-centric site. Learn how to brighten up your little ones’ room and decorate it in a way that appeals to your child’s wild, wild imagination. Apartment Therapy also contains practical articles on mixing technology with parenting, toys for tots and even nice DIY tips for a kid-friendly abode.
  3. Motherlode: Living the Family Dynamic
    nytimesA blog run by New York Times, Motherlode offers information about family life, news coverage of family-related issues, and a smart, informed discussion of everything else in between. It discusses the day’s news and how that news affects your families. Motherlode is a great for discourses about education, child care, mealtime, sports, technology, the work-family balance, and so much more. Explore how our families affect our lives, and how the news affects our families—and all families. Join us to talk about education, child care, mealtime, sports, technology, the work-family balance and much more
  4. Plugged in Parents
    pluggedBrush up on the practical side of parenting, covering a wide umbrella of topics ranging from nutrition, entertainment for kids, coping in school to child safety. Tips are backed up by professional expertise, and of course, by parents as well. Go engage in a conversation with fellow parents regarding your everyday issues! This blog is a great if you want to connect to other blogs by moms.
  5. Smart Parenting
    smart-parentingThis homegrown online companion to Smart Parenting magazine is full of topics parents concern themselves with, from health issues brought about by pregnancy to child-rearing guides and tips. Reports on the latest kiddie products are also very helpful, as they cite mostly readily available local shopping sources and kid-friendly places and activities to try out in the metro. Perfect for Filipino parents of kids ages 0 to 6, wherein parents are still unsure of their parenting skills and are hungry for information. This is the go-to website of Pinoy parents every time they have a parenting question and when they want to share anything about their child. Plus, you can also join and get in touch with other moms in Smart Parenting’s forum community, as well as get tips on how popular celebrity moms deal with motherhood!
  6. Pile of Babies
    pileofbabiesMeredith Bland will make you feel better about parenting. You know why? Because she parents a set of twins and she manages to retain her sense of humor! Also, because she blogs about tons of things that have nothing to do with parenting, so non-parents will totally dig this site, too.
  7. Make it Blissful
    makeWinner of the Best Home and Parenting Blog by the Philippine Blog Awards last 2011, and known as the Dainty Mom before, Make it Blissful is a collective, one-stop blog for your daily dose of meaningful living. A movement, a collective of women who advocate meaningful living, you can find tips, how-to’s, and inspiration for the professional and personal side of you. Dubbed as a place of happy possibilities, Make it Blissful wants each and every parent to become “blissmakers.”
  8. Mommy Bloggers Philippines
    mommyEstablished December 2013, Mommy Bloggers Philippines was created to gather mothers who blog all over the Philippines and the rest of the world. As of 2014, there are already 500 members within the community. Mommy Bloggers Philippines aims to reach mommy bloggers out there and have group sharing, give them opportunities to attend promotional events, write product reviews through PR requests, and give them the chance to shine by highlighting their blogs daily (Daily Featured Posts and Mommy Blogger of the Month). If you want to blog with a purpose, Mommy Bloggers Philippines is definitely the place for you!

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