Five Modern Rules of Fashion

Petites Taking Over the Corporate World in Style2

Fashion is always evolving, and the rules that were seemingly fixed and unyielding are actually meant to be broken. Check out these new rules that are sure to give fashionistas even more creative freedom when it comes to expressing themselves stylishly.

  1. Two colors that seem to clash CAN work, actually. The secret? Making sure that one is the dominant hue in your outfit, so the colors won’t be battling it out and making you an eyesore. Take, for example, red and pink. You don’t want to come off looking like a giant Valentine, so you can use red as your “main” color and jazz it up with pink — either in a subtle print or in a nice shade, such as pastel.
  2. It’s perfectly okay to mix and match. This rule applies not just to colors, but to prints as well. For one, who says that your shoes, bag, and belt have to match? That rule is so cliché that is has become quite passé. If you want to avoid incorporating too much color in your ensemble, you can stick to just three colors — for example, two neutral shades and one standout one to keep you from looking too drab and dull. You can also pair your black pumps with a bright-colored purse when going to work — your outfit is sure to be a cheery respite amidst the sea of blacks, beiges, and creams in the corporate setting.
  3. It’s okay to wear black AND brown — together.
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    Your mother might have warned you about mixing these two solids, but those were back in HER time. In YOUR time — meaning now — you can forget about that fashion caveat. Fashion experts and stylists have found a way to work around this rule in two ways: combining the two colors with a vivid splash of color, such as red or pink; or toning down the severity by pairing black with a light shade of brown (or vice versa, such as grey black with brown). To be style-proof, inject white in your black and brown palette and you’re good to go!

  4. For men, it’s okay to wear pants without socks. Just make sure that your pants are long enough to cover your sockless feet. For women, if you know that your legs are hairless and don’t sport scars or bruises or other skin blemishes, you can do without the stockings and tights when wearing skirts or dresses that show off your gams. (However, don’t put this rule into effect for formal or special occasions — you definitely need to wear socks and stockings for those!)
  5. fashion2Mixing trends and textures is the way to go. Fashion is all about expressing your individuality after all, so you should have fun with all the trends coming out on the runway! Don’t be afraid to mix lace with denim, or fur with silk or satin… The style permutations are endless! You can also go for, say, a boho-rocker-chic look, incorporating three different trends in one look. You’ll definitely stand out and make a fashion statement.



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