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CashCashPinoy Stands Firm on Selling only Guaranteed Authentic Products

MANILA, November 7 2014 – CashCashPinoy, the leading private online shopping club, takes pride in its unique measures to protect the Filipino consumer. Investor confidence and our credibility is at an all-time high as evidenced by the infusion of over two million US dollars in fresh capital.

With regards to the false issues raised by Ms. Prescilla Ann Lepira, we have already taken the appropriate legal action and the matter has been settled in our favor by Philippine courts. Also, Banco De Oro remains one of our many banking partners. Any other perceived changes are merely business decisions on our part in our continuing effort to protect and help Filipino consumers.

With regards to PayPal, we have pointed out that the information is from a fraudulent source. We are already taking legal action and we cannot make further comments on this matter.

CashCashPinoy continues its commitment to innovate in the way online business is being done to best serve the interest of the Filipino consumer. We continue to maintain the highest standards in e-commerce.

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