5 Secrets to Make Any Trip Memorable


Already planning for your next trip? There are many stages to preparing for your trip from planning your itinerary, hunting for the best bargain deals, shopping for winter clothing, or mapping out your finances to be able to have funds for the trip. But whatever stage you’re in, it’s not uncommon to have doubts if the whole trip will just lead you wanting to just head back home.

Questions arise like “What if it rains at the beach?” or “Will the travel agency push through” or “Will I really enjoy myself there?” Having the right mindset will help you overcome any hurdles thrown your way and let you enjoy your trip as best you can. You can’t be 100% sure that everything will go as planned but with these tips, you can make the most of the situation and bring home some of the best vacation memories you’ve ever had!

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  1. Get friendly with the locals – Getting chatty with a restaurant server, store attendant, or tricycle driver is one of the best ways to know insider tips about the locale you’re visiting. You can get any sort of information ranging from waterfalls that isn’t widely known outside of town or who the best guide is for your water rapids adventure. If you’re worried about price padding, then getting friendly with your local boatman or tour guide can let you in on the fair prices of everything from tricycle fare to authentic pearl jewelry sets.
  2. Eat where the locals do – Locals know their grub. So head on to where the menus are available only in the native language and order as the locals do if you can’t decipher the menu. Some of these “secret” places hide the most delectable dishes of the area and are most often family-run, using recipes that are of their own making or sourced from some great great grandmother who really knew her stuff around the kitchen. Don’t let the language barrier intimidate you and just go ahead with your nose and palate.
  3. Learntravel-motorcycle how to ride a motorbike – Rent a bike and go where tour buses normally can’t. You can rent a motorcycle for a day or more in a lot of areas and you can go anywhere, even the remotest hills or lakes that aren’t easily reached and find your travel gem there.
  4. Being open to change – Alright, you’re planning for a sunny day of lounging the beach and swimming in the nice, calm sea. But what will you do when it rains? Should you stop enjoying yourself just because it rained on your parade, or rather, your vacation? Be open to coping with changes to your plan and you can easily know where to look for alternative activities like spending a day at the spa or having drinks at the bar instead and meeting new people.
  5. Dare to experience something new – Travelling is all about escape; escape from the normal routine. So why not go beyond your boundaries and try something new when you travel? It can be trying out exotic dishes like crocodile sisig or deep fried grasshopper. You can also try caving, scuba diving, even cliff jumping. All these new experiences will make your life richer and you’ll get to appreciate what diversity the world has to offer.

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