Risky Fashion: Everyday Pieces of Clothing that have Surprising Health Risks


Clothing, one of man’s basic needs has turned from flopping animal skin onto our backs to keep away the cold and dust to expressing our individuality. But now, fashion can turn from something that brings us comfort and protection to something that can actually cause bodily harm. So before you put on that pair of pants or snap on those high heels, read on to discover what pieces of clothing that carries real health risks that you should avoid.

Villanous Skinny Jeans
skinny jeansThese make long, slender gams even sexier and longer. The tight fit shows the fab shape of your legs and especially your buns. These, paired with a crop top or loose shirt make for a sassy, snappy street fashion statement.

However, its skin tight fit is what makes Skinny Jeans such a fiend to medical specialists. Wearing super tight jeans restricts the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve which runs down your thighs and is responsible for registering sensations such as pain and touch to the skin. With the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve constricted, wearers are exposed to oversensitivity to heat, numbness in the legs, stinging pain, and even, damage your tissue in some cases. There’s actually a medical term for this, “meralgia paraesthetica.”

What to wear instead: Opt for jeans with a comfortable fit that doesn’t feel too tight on your waist or thighs. These don’t have to be baggy jeans, just the right fit of jeans that lets you breathe and move your legs naturally.

Sneaky Stilettos
stilettosSky-high stilettos make your legs look gorgeously long and slender. Aside from giving your legs the illusion of longer length, these also add height, especially needed by shorter women. However, it has long been known that wearing high heels for long periods of time can be totally uncomfortable, and we’re not even getting into long term physical damage.

Because of the way stilettos are designed, the weight of the body falls on the ball of the feet, which causes pain. Women who wear heels 2 inches and above for longer than 9 hours a day can cause poor posture, place unnecessary pressure on your joints, and lead to various ailments such as back pain, arthritis, hammer toes, and tendon injuries. The unnatural weight distribution when wearing heels 3.5 inches and higher can also cause more bone-on-bone movement that can lead to osteoarthritis. This might be on explanation why osteoarthritis occurs on the knees on women more than men.

What to wear instead: Wedges give you the height and lengthening effect that stilettos do but gives your body better support. You can also cut back on wearing stilettos to a few hours a day or choosing lower heeled shoes that will let you move more comfortably.

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Backbreaking Bags
Women love to carry around everything everywhere. Although not everyone’s on the level of Paris Hilton when it comes to lugging around their stuff (think 10+ luggage bags for a trip, minimum) women tend to overpack, just so they’re ready for anything that comes their way. But while being prepared is often the way to go, concerns include the sudden onset of your period (thus pads and a pair of undies) or having your work and school materials all in one bag (think wallet, umbrella, kikay kit, cables, headphones, etc.), you may want to rethink the weight of the load you’re carrying.

Carrying a heavy load on your shoulders and back can cause back and neck pain and even spinal misalignment. Research has shown that carrying 15 to 17% of your body weight can lead to these detrimental effects. For example, 18 lbs, or approx. 8 kilos of load can cause these effects to a 120 lb person.

What to wear instead: Take out that junk! Learn to take out unnecesary items in your purse (Do you really need to haul around that thick compilation of printouts all day?). Bring only what is necessary and if you can’t avoid a heavy load, opt to put them in a rolling bag instead.

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Treacherous Thongs
Underwear that won’t show but is there, that’s the beauty of wearing thongs. You can wear a dress made of light fabric and it won’t show so you’ll look classy without having to go commando. And for those intimate moments with your partner, thongs can really get you two in the moment.

However, as sexy as thongs may be, the possible health risks from wearing these just aren’t. Wearers with sensitive skin are prone to fungal growth and bacterial infections caused by chaffing on the skin in their sensitive areas. Chaffing is caused by the rough edges or materials of the thongs going against the skin that lead to small cracks where bacteria and fungi can thrive. This is further exacerbated by the heat and friction of sexual contact.

What to wear instead: Choose to go with seamless underwear made from silk or nylon (both fabrics will not give you visible panty lines). As for getting sexy in the bedroom, there are many cotton panty designs to choose from that look tantalizing but will not chafe your skin like thongs do.


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