A Working Dad’s Secrets: Look Years Younger With These Tips


For the many corporate and working dads in the country, dressing well might not be as necessary as it was during their younger years. To some of them, maybe buying clothes and dressing up is too time-consuming a chore, especially if the kids have to be taken to school every weekday morning, while the groceries and house work can be done on weekends.

Also, many dads would rather have their free time spent for watching sports programs and sleeping—both are often done in the living room—instead of shopping for clothes.

Unlike during the earlier years of married life, most of them are now concerned more with family matters over personal issues like clothing.

A lot of them also think that if an outfit is good for work, then it’s good for almost anything else—even if it’s a polo, slacks, and rubber shoes combo. Sometimes, dads also find it hard to keep up with the trends of this generation, like how the loose-fitting checkered polo that was considered semi-formal before is considered casual today, or how bad the socks-and-sandals looked.

Despite these obstacles presented by fatherhood, the good-looking dad can look more dashing and dapper with the right choice of clothing and step-by-step wardrobe upgrade. After all, the fathers set the example for their kids and the rest of the family, even in fashion. And of course, the wives would always want to see their husbands extra handsome.

These three tips might help fathers go through the fashion makeover for classier and neater look:

Ask for help
working-dad-living-roomNo one can help a dad look better more than his own wife and children. A lot of kids are fashion-forward nowadays, especially the teenage girls. Fathers can ask their kids every now and then for fashion advice and trends. They can also impart on their sons their good habits when dressing up, like going for leather belts and shoes and tips on wearing suits.

Dads should also ask for help when shopping for clothes. The ladies usually have the upper hand when it comes to fashion (and budgeting), so the wives and daughters can be the best advisers.

Keep closets neat
Check closets regularly and do the cleaning whenever necessary. Fathers should remember that clothes can get stains and creases when not properly stowed inside a closet. These may lead to tougher stains and to wardrobe emergencies once used.

It is also wise to keep little children away from closets, as they can play with belts, shoes, and cufflinks and make a playground out of the shirts. They may also bring a crayon or marker with them and stain clothes and shoes.

Shave and trim

formal-working-dadA quick shave in the morning and regular trips to the barber can also help dads look better. It is definitely a part of dressing up and looking good. Take note that classy and professional-looking outfits can be totally overwhelmed by a messy hairstyle and an untrimmed beard. Likewise, having a neat haircut and a shaved jawline can make an ordinary shirt and jeans look more attractive.

As a father, dressing well might require more patience, time, and effort. However, the confidence dads get when doing so is not only for themselves, but also for the entire family. Always remember that looking good is something that fathers can relay to their children.


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