11 Ideas on How to Reduce Stress when going on a Vacation


Aaaaah…travelling, one of life’s best luxuries! But can a wonderful vacation in an island paradise go terribly wrong? Yes it certainly can. You can run out of money, your travel buddies can get frustrated, or you can end up in a totally different place altogether. The key is preparation so that once your departure date arrives, all you have to do is lay back and relax because then, all your hardwork will have paid off.

Here are some tips that can help you totally avoid having a awful trip and have an awesome one instead.

Ask yourself and your companions, what do you want to experience during the trip?
There are a lot of things you can do nowadays in any one travel destination. Take Boracay for example; it’s not just a party place where you can drink and party until the break of dawn but it’s also a destination for water sports enthusiasts, a mecca of beachside spas, and a foodie heaven thanks to the many restaurants and eateries that span White Beach and beyond. When going to places like these, it’s best to ask what you want to do, what new adventures you’d like to experience, or what did you miss out on the last time you visited that you want to enjoy this time around?


Make an itinerary
Once you know what you want to do in your destination, it’s now time to make an itinerary. List down the places you want to visit or activities you want to do in a schedule. Take note of your arrival and departure times and allow for meals and relaxation periods; you are on a vacation after all. An itinerary is a helpful guide to remind you of where you want to go and will help you maximize your time at your destination.

Hunt for deals way ahead of your vacation
Online travel deals and travel expos hold a lot of discounts for everything from airfare, accommodations, tours, and especially complete packages that have all three.

Pack at least one night before the trip
stress-managementPacking the night before is a big no no because it’s harried and there’s a big chance you might forget something you really need, like charging cables and extra cash. Assembling your luggage at least one night before puts you in a relaxed mood, letting you remember all the things you have to pack.

Place gadgets and travel documents inside waterproof packets
Ensure that your gadgets and travel docs arrive at your destination, and back, intact, by placing these inside a waterproof bag.

Make a list of what you need
Ran out of lotion with SPF? Need a new pair or bikinis? Want snacks on the way? List all the things you need, or want, so that you have an idea of what to buy and what you already have in your closet
Make 1 trip to the mall for the things you don’t have yet
Plan just 1 trip to the mall to get the stuff you need so that you don’t overspend.

Communicate your plans to your travel buddies
Planning to eat at a particular restaurant during your vacation? If you have travel buddies, it’s best to tell them your plans so that everyone knows where everyone will be at.

Make travel goals
List down the places you want to visit every year, or even years ahead, so you can structure your finances and lifestyle to accommodate your travel goals.


Organize your luggage
Get small organizers or purchase luggage/travel bags with multiple compartments so that items will be segragated.

Research about your destination
Go online and ask friends about your destination. What are the customs and traditions? Basic polite words and phrases? What are the best modes of transportation? These info will help you move around your destination easier.

Check if all your documents are valid and acceptable
Is your passport still valid? Have you printed out your airline ticket? Get a hold of your documents and check their validity so travelling will be glitch-free.


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