Filipinos on Online Shopping Craze: The Top Reasons why Filipinos are into Online Shopping


Filipinos love to shop, we are inborn bargain hunters and discount seekers. No wonder many of our fellow Filipinos are into online shopping. I’m also an online shopper. I became curious on the subject that’s why I researched on why Filipinos are into online shopping.

Here are the top reasons why Filipinos are into online shopping:

  1. Convenience! Convenience! Convenience!
    Filipinos are known to be homebodies. We always feel comfortable inside the warmth of our own home. As much as possible, we stick together as an extended family and we value that relationship as much as we can. Online shopping gives the convenience of bonding with the family and being relaxed without the pressure of carrying tons of shopping bags, stuck in heavy traffic jam and sore legs and feet from walking long hours inside malls. Online shopping is convenient shopping because it gives you purchasing rights from everywhere – from the nearest specialty store to stores on the other part of the world through their online
  2. The Feeling of Importance
    We always want to be special. Online shopping gives this feeling that you are the only customer inside the store. You can say farewell to the long waiting lines and the hysteria of other customers. Online shopping will make you feel that store is exclusively for you and even if you’ll have to spend hours after hour before deciding what to purchase, there will be no one that will try to pressure you.
  3. Filipinos are Multitaskers
    There is not enough time for Filipinos to do everything they want, but with online shopping you can maximize your time by doing a lot of things at the same time. You can be at the gym while shopping or at a vacation while shopping online. It’s like being in several places at the same time.
  4. Jaw-Dropping Price Markdown!
    Filipinos cannot resist markdown prices. It is the reason why we rush to the mall when there is an end of season sale or inventory sale. Online shopping gives jaw-dropping price markdown deals on products and services that you will never believe possible until you see these on your computer screen. You can also compare prices of the products and services that you like and choose the best deal.
  5. The Infinity of Choices
    Life is better when we have choices. Online shopping fills the minds of the Filipino consumer with infinite choices of products that will definitely satisfy our wants and needs. There is also a far greater selection of colors and sizes that you cannot find in local stores and
  6. Honest Product Reviews
    Product reviews specifically from first-hand users will give an edge to potential buyers. Filipinos are smart shoppers and we believe on opinions and endorsements. When shopping online, product reviews can serve as a reference about the pros and cons of purchasing the product. Sometimes, users also share advices for the public to be able to maximize online deals. The best reviews come from personal blogs, forums, groups and social media post from ordinary people.
  7. The Package of Surprise
    We love the element of surprise. The day that our online order comes as a package in your front door is like opening gifts on Christmas day. It’s the feeling of excitement that makes it cool. You can also give gifts to your friends and love ones without the hassle.
  8. No More Impulse Buying
    Let’s admit it, when it’s payday or when we receive extra cash from incentives, a quick stroll to the nearby mall will definitely lead us to buy things. We go home thinking where to place or what to do with the things that we bought on our way home. Online shopping minimizes the risk of impulse buying. You have all the time to decide whether to buy the item or not. Return of Purchase is also easy online. Another great advantage is you won’t be pressured to buy due to the persuasion of sales agents and shop assistants.

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