Travel Regularly!

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Unlike before, traveling out-of-town has become very accessible and convenient to a lot of people. Travelers can now easily book their flights online, some of them can also visit the satellite offices of service providers and travel agencies, plus, they can get really, really low base fares if they are patient and lucky enough. It seems that any time can be a good time for a well-planned vacation!

There are realities called money, work, and school though, which kind of narrows down the travel dates and frequency. However, scheduling vacations once in a while can give you your hard-earned breather, especially from all those paper work. It also gives you time for reflection and for experiencing new things. Traveling is fun and exciting, so you should definitely travel regularly.

And if what was mentioned is not convincing enough for you to use your vacation (leaves), then consider the three items listed below.

You experience stress

Whether you’re a student, an employee, an employer, or a volunteer worker, it is somewhat given that stress is a challenge that you face almost every day—most especially if you live, work, or study in the city. All those hustling and bustling alone can add to any person’s frustrations and worries, and ultimately, stress. Good for you, because travel can be a good stress-reliever.

While hanging out with friends, getting pampered at a massage parlor, and watching a movie with a loved one give you a short break from stress, nothing really beats traveling. Imagine relaxing in a place with a beautiful shoreline, away from the sources of your stress and enjoying the fresh air, the cool breeze, and getting some tan. Sounds good, right? Right.

Moreover, the hard work you do on school and working days makes such a vacation truly splendid and well-deserved. Plus, you get the chance to enjoy it with a loved one, with friends, with family, or with all of them!

The country and world is yours to discover


Of course, vacations can be as simple as a sleepover at the chilly Tagaytay City or a trip to the white waters of Cagayan De Oro. It doesn’t have to be far, as long as you can relax and empty your mind for a while. Sometimes, all a person needs to unwind is a quiet retreat and some good company—which you can get even from some hotels in the cities.

Adventurers meanwhile can climb the high mountain peaks, dive and be with vibrant marine creatures, or experience the different festivals of the Philippines. For throwback fun, you can even check out the lyrics of the Biyahe Tayo song from years ago and list down the things you want to try!

On the other hand, your vacations can also be as grand as a Southeast Asian Tour, a European cruise, or a trip to the USA to visit relatives and friends. International destinations require more planning time and more resources, but the trip will certainly be worth it.

Regardless of the destination, traveling gets you to wonderful places and opens a lot of doors of opportunities for any traveler. It offers new and exciting experiences, like meeting new friends, sand-boarding, swimming with huge sea creatures, and even skydiving. When you travel, you also expose yourself to the beautiful cultures of your country and of the world, which you can only read about and watch videos of before.

As mentioned earlier, these experiences are made extra special when shared with someone you love. They also make your vacation leaves and school breaks more unforgettable, so don’t miss out on your next opportunity to travel!

Your passport is more than an ID

Philippine Passport

In the Philippines, the passport is considered as one of the most important identification documents. Along with the certificate of live birth, driver’s license, and taxpayer’s identification card, the Philippine passport can also be one of the documents any authorized person will ask for when situations that require identification arise.

Sadly though, a lot of Filipinos apply for a passport only to use it as a valid ID. Remember that the passport is your ticket to the world, or at least some parts of it.

This travel document’s main purpose is to certify its owner’s identity and nationality and to provide the necessary information required for international travel. In short, it allows its owner to travel to a different country—perfect for an awesome escapade from all your stressors.

So if you’re only using your passport as one of those valid IDs that you keep in your document folder at home, you’re not using it to its full extent. With your passport, this is probably the time to use it to fulfill your travel dreams!

Now you know that retreating from your daily routine and traveling once in a while is good for your body and soul. Though it may not be as good to your pocket, any domestic or international trip will absolutely be worth the price you’re paying if you’ve got the right attitude.

With the abundance of online travel deals and promo airfares, why not travel?


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