The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Out of your Smartphone

htc one

In this golden age of technology, many digital paraphernalia have come in different forms and types, as well as different models and brands. Consumers go loco on what to get and have been dependent to these modern tools, whether it’s a laptop, netbook, camera, gaming console, music player, tablet, and most specially, a smartphone. This powerful yet handy machine plays a huge part on people’s day to day journey and became very helpful on their social, leisure, creative, financial, or business lives.

smartphone appsSmartphone, defined by Wikipedia, is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones. Some includes a personal digital assistant, a media player, a digital camera, and a GPS navigation unit. The latest smartphones in the market today also come with additional highlights like a touchscreen computer, upgraded software and data networks, web browsing capacity, Wi-Fi connectivity, 3rd-party applications, motion sensor, mobile payment, and more. With these full-packed offerings, these snappy cellular phones can be considered a good investment due to the price tag they carry, a must-have to every individual, and definitely one of the those things people cannot live without. So whether it is a Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, Sony, Nokia, HTC, or LG brand, what are the essential points of a smartphone and how can you make the best out of those benefits?

One important and useful aspect to look on a smartphone is the operating system or the software that makes it fully work. This OS comes in different types depending on what brand or model it carries, whether its the Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, or Windows. Choosing what operating system to utilize is very vital as it defines the strengths and mobility that you will get, as well as the features that comes with it. One of mobile phone’s amazing ability is to keep people in touch with others. Named as the voice call and text, this allows people to connect with their friends and loved ones anytime of the day, no matter how far they are to each other. That simple feature was enhanced and now lets you create electronic mails, send instant messages, make video calls, and update your personal status on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You also have the power to browse a number of sites in the world wide web and search whatever info or data you wanna know with the use of a fast internet connection, either through your mobile data plan or Wi-Fi networks.


Smartphones now a days can also serve as a portable multimedia device used for photo, music, movies, videos, and web browsing enjoyment. Taking memorable snapshots, breathtaking landscapes, and exciting selfie shots, as well as creating documentaries or short movie clips can now be done in just one click through your phone’s high tech camera features. And for those who can’t live without music, you can now have an instant boom box and listen to your most loved tunes whenever, wherever with your phone’s built-in music player, radio, or music streaming options. It can also turn into a one-stop arcade while you play the most intense, most exciting, and most realistic games in the market, and at the same time, transform into a life coach, partner, or personal assistant through the use of thousands of functional applications available in the download store.

Other factors that can be beneficial to your everyday existence is the navigation or GPS capabilities, alarm/world clock functions, calculator and conversion, notepad and drawing pad, sensors, security options, on the spot mobile payment, and more. In order to maximize all these capacities, you should take into consideration some major points like its screen size – whether the regular 4 to 5-inch or the most popular phablet phones, its display or resolution – either the LED or AMOLED based, and the screen/phone type – whether to go on touch or the QWERTY one. Memory size must also be on your checklist so you can enjoy easy and flexible storage, type of processor so you can feel a more responsive and continuous function, and of course, a good battery life to back you up on all your mobile purpose.


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