Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Diamond Peel 101

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Get skin as clear as diamonds! Go from diamond in the rough to crown jewel in just a snap all while lying down, relaxing, and enjoying! No, you don’t need to put tons of products on your face, nor go under the knife or suffer the prick of the needle. Get the skin you always wanted in a non-surgical and non-invasive way—the Diamond Peel!

Yes, washing your face daily is really not enough to remove dead skin cells. The Diamond Peel is a safe and effective procedure to let surface younger and whiter skin. The Diamond Peel is a gentle dermabrasion procedure that uses a diamond-tip wand directly onto your skin. The old layer is removed to reveal a fresh, rejuvenated face. It’s a progressive procedure—meaning the results are just going to get better with each additional session. But hey, even after your first treatment, you’ll immediately see a pinkish glow and smoother feel. It’s painless, has no downtime, and is done in less than an hour!

Not yet convinced? Well here are more reasons to go for the Diamond Peel gem:

Baby Soft, Baby Smooth – Dark circles under the eyes, crow’s feet, dehydrated or dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, acne outbreaks, scarring, enlarged skin pores, and uneven skin tone, yep, all of these, gone in just snap! Have skin like a baby after a Diamond Peel session. Get rid of these imperfections as you’ll have the softest and smoothest, and of course, most flawless skin just like what you had years ago!


Non-surgical and non-invasive – Afraid of knives? Scared of needles? Do not fret! Diamond Peel doesn’t use any knives, scissors, needles, and all the other things that cut your beloved skin. The almost magical diamond tip wand is all you need to achieve that bright as a diamond skin!

Treatment is virtually painless – And because treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, undergoing the Diamond Peel procedure is painless! Yes, you read it right. No “ouch,” just “aww!” Aww for a skin that looks fabulous and flawless!

There is less or no discomfort at all – With pain-free sessions that last for less than an hour, you can definitely squeeze your Diamond Peel treatment during your lunch break, before that event, or even on your shopping break! Yes, it has no discomfort at all so you can go continue your plans (and even make new ones) right after the session!

There is no unsightly peeling appearance – Unlike other treatments and other products, Diamond Peel doesn’t leave your skin reddish, nor does it leave your skin peeling afterwards! Yes, you certainly can go out and have fun the night after. It requires no downtime after treatment thus normal activities can be resumed immediately!

So what are you waiting for? Buy that deal, book that appointment, and be amazed! Have one, two, three, and more sessions because you deserve it! Have a fresh-looking, smoother face that’s worthy of a diamond ring! Skin that lasts forever like diamonds? Possible!


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