7 Facts about Food Vouchers that will impress your Friends!


Hotel buffets, restaurants, private dining spots, take home goodies, and more are now on sale! Yes, you’ve read that right. Food is now on sale.

How? It’s through online food vouchers. With these, you can enjoy buffets, restaurant ala carte dishes, set meals, even take home cakes and pastries at a fraction of the cost. You simply have to buy these online from your trusted e-commerce site and redeem on site. It’s an easy and pocket-friendly way to go on food trips with your friends and enjoy a plethora of benefits like the following:

  1. 5-star dining without the 5-star price tag. Treat yourself and your loved one to a lavish degustation meal or an exquisite dinner at a luxury hotel, all without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Getting a food voucher can be your chance to finally cross off that hotel restaurant off your bucket list of places to try. It’s the perfect opportunity to try prized menu items like expensive cuts of steaks, high class fish like halibut and sea bass, or even rarities like truffle dishes at hotel restaurants.
  2. Buffets galore! If you’ve got the appetite, then buffet dining is surely your thing. There, you can sample various items of different cuisines or stick to your favorites and munch on them to your heart’s desire. You’ll get to sample various types of buffets – from sought-after hotel buffets for international cuisine, dim sum buffets, Korean buffets, Japanese buffets, even dessert buffets for those with a sweet tooth.
  3. food-voucher2Complete Set Meals! Ever wanted to try out various items on the menu but didn’t have anyone to share ala carte orders with? Well Set Meals give you everything you’d want in a sumptuous meal – viand, noodles or rice, appetizers, dessert, and drinks. You’ll get to taste different items from the menu but all in a personal serving.  Set Meals can also come in servings that are good for sharing. Food vouchers offer promos that give you a chance to mix and match dishes for your own customized Set Meal or include bestselling items that the entire family will enjoy.
  4. Variety of cuisines on offer. If you’ve been hesitant to try out Moroccan or Swiss or German cuisine, getting a restaurant GC is the perfect time to be a gastronomic explorer and try out new cuisines.
  5. Reserved seating. You know you’re getting a table for your party when you want it. No need to be put on the wait list to get in, even during peak hours. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, or just any occasion. Food vouchers often specify that customers make reservations prior to redemption. By calling ahead, you know that you and your party are guaranteed seats during your desired date and time. There are even promos that let customers use private dining tables for that romantic set-up.
  6. Top notch service. Voucher holders can enjoy restaurant service that’s fast, courteous, and efficient.
  7. Take home bestselling treats at a discount. Craving for cheesy ensaymada or need a cake for a birthday? Food vouchers can also get you discounts on these specialty food items that you can take home to your family, bring to a lunch meeting, or share during a pot luck.

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