5 Common Misconceptions About Underarm Whitening

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Get clued in on these skin care myths and know the real deal about dark underarms and underarm whitening!

  • Using a deodorant and anti-perspirant boosted with whitening ingredients can cause breast cancer.

This is not fact. According to some studies, ingredients such as parabens and aluminum have been linked to breast cancer — but those types of research are still ongoing. To be on the safe side, though, opt for a whitening deodorant and/or anti-perspirant that’s chemical-free and made of natural ingredients (or at least contains plenty of natural ingredients).

  • With regular use of a whitening deodorant and/or anti-perspirant, your armpits will get lighter.

To a degree, your underarms WILL get lighter. However, you shouldn’t rely merely on the product to help you achieve white and smooth underarms. Supplement this by going to a licensed dermatologist or skin clinic, as they have scientifically proven underarm whitening treatments or procedures that will effectively lighten and whiten your dark underarms. One example is laser hair removal, which efficiently and effectively removes armpit hair from the roots. It’s a good alternative to shaving (which is one of the main causes of dark underarms) — the hair takes a longer time to grow back, and you won’t have to contend with nicks and bumps brought about by shaving.

Regular exfoliation of the underarms, which can be done at home or at a spa, will also be beneficial, as doing so will remove dead skin cells, and deep-seated dirt and grime that darken the appearance of the skin.

  • Sweating causes dark underarms.

Having sweaty armpits does not directly cause the skin to darken, but using an anti-perspirant that contains chemicals — which CAN darken the complexion — is the real culprit. If the product you’re using is harming your skin (i.e. itching, rashes), switch to another product, because those skin discomforts are a precursor to skin darkening. For best results, ask your dermatologist to recommend a product that will fight bacteria, eliminate odor, prevent sweatiness, AND lighten your underarms.

  • Only women are concerned about underarm whitening.

The fact is, more and more men are also turning to underarm whitening products. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve one’s appearance, and having light or white underarms is one of them. So don’t be surprised if you see men in dermatological clinics seeking underarm whitening treatment.

underarm whitening

  • Underarm whitening treatments and products are expensive.

Not true! Nowadays, there are plenty of treatments, procedures, and products to lighten the underarms without wreaking havoc on your finances. The Internet has plenty of online deals offering discounts on these services. You might also want to check out reputable websites that sell underarm whitening products — sometimes, delivery or shipping is free, so do give those a try since it will only cost you a few bucks and make your shopping experience a breeze.

Another affordable alternative is to try home remedies to whiten your armpits. Trawl the Internet for these recipes — most have ingredients that can be easily sourced or are readily available in the market, such as lemon, apple cider vinegar, cucumber, brown sugar (for exfoliation), baking soda, and the like.


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