Technology “App-date”

smartphoneThe world and the society today offer a lot of ways and opportunities to be connected. The Internet has grown exponentially over the years and has reached people even through the smallest electronic devices. Yes, even necklaces, rings, and watches can be connected too.

The television set that was used for watching local programs can now be used to surf the web, call abroad, and play video games. Some smart TVs can even be controlled by using hand gestures. Likewise, the mobile phone that were only used for calling then can now be used to send SMSs and electronic mails, watch TV programs, browse the Internet, and many more.

With tech industry giants creating phones that are way smarter than they used to be, many adults and teenagers are convinced that the smartphone is more of a need than just a want. Indeed, owning one can really be convenient, as these phones can serve different purposes and can be used as tools when installed with the right applications. The apps installed in a phone because it kind of determines how useful the device is.

And to get the most out of your smartphone, never forget to install the basic apps, as well as the supporting add-on apps.

Getting the basics

Instead of downloading games, the first thing you should do with a new smartphone is to check its pre-installed applications. A lot of devices nowadays are built-in with practical apps that you can rely on from time to time. These include word processors, reminders and notes apps, PDF and e-book readers, alarms, flashlight, compass, calculator, voice memos, weather apps, internet browsers, and maps.

Once you make sure that you have what you need, then you can upgrade and install other basic apps like Microsoft Office, email apps, cloud storage, and social networking apps. Then you can now start stuffing it up with your favorite past-time games. Take note of your phone’s memory though!

Getting the “sides”

technologyYou can also make the most of your smartphone by installing different supporting applications. These are the applications that you can install for making your business, leisure, and school life extra easier. The list can go on, but here are 4 options that you might find useful and suited to your lifestyle.

QR code scanners – Many companies now include QR codes in their business cards, and keeping a scanner handy allows you to save important information at a touch of a finger. Such information can include the name, contact numbers, and email information—depending on the code. Moreover, QR codes are also used in online promotions and raffles, giving you a shot at freebies and grand prizes.

Traffic and road apps – Having a map application sometimes isn’t enough guidance on the road. Other apps even prove to be more useful since they show traffic and road conditions. This can give you time to plan your route ahead to avoid heavy traffic and road closures.

Fitness and workout apps – Achieve your ideal weight with the help of a reliable app! A lot of fitness apps are now freely available. They help you track your workout routine, how far you’ve ran, how many calories you’ve burned, and even how much food you’ve eaten in a single day. It’s like getting a fitness program stored in your pocket.

Taxi apps – For safety purposes and for convenience, you’ll be really glad with the different taxi apps available today. These apps allow you to “reserve” a taxi beforehand, so you can avoid the long lines and the stress. Reliable developers also guarantee safety by disclosing basic information of the drivers and the franchises, so you can report any incident to the authorities.

While these are just applications that maximize the potential of your smartphone, it is important to remember that how you use your phone and manage your time are also factors that influence its effect on your lifestyle. At the end of the day, technology is still a mean to an end, an end that we are responsible for.


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