Starting Your Gastronomic Journey

Philippine Restaurant

Here in the country, a lot of Filipinos seem to be attracted to the “all-you-can” phrase. Rice all you can? Hooray for staple carbs! Drink all you can? Get your pitchers ready. Twirl all you can? Challenge accepted. Gravy all you can? Thank heavens! Dessert all you can?

As Katniss said, “I volunteer!” They all seem to buy into it. Sometimes this even matters so much that it just might be the deciding factor that answers the perpetual question of where to eat.

Buffet restaurants have recognized this trend and have started popping up all over the Metro to attract more customers. This same clamor for all-you-can specials has even urged some hotels to open their restaurants to non-tenants, just for the buffet. Non-buffet restaurants also feel the pressure to join the bandwagon. Why not? More options mean more food to choose from!
And to start your gastronomic journey, you’ll only need 2 reasons: The Food and The Experience.

The Food

Buffets offer a selection of dishes—maybe at least 4 or 5 viands with rice, bread, eggs, and other sides. A lot of them also serve more than 1 type of cuisine, with various dishes per cuisine. This alone is enough reason to visit and eat at a buffet restaurant. It gives you the opportunity to sample a lot of dishes—whether appetizers, main courses, or desserts—in one seating. Just the thought of it can make any man or woman drool.


Since the food is unlimited, you can also get servings of your favorite food as much as you want. Likewise, you won’t get too much of something that you only want to try. There are even times in a buffet restaurant where you can tell how good a dish is based on how much of it is left on the serving platter. When you are not able to get a piece of your favorite, it’s as easy as asking for it to be replenished.


Bottom line is that you should eat at a buffet restaurant that has good food. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend your money at a restaurant halfheartedly eating unlimited bland food. While there are some who serve subpar dishes, majority of buffet restaurants at malls serve dishes worthy of your time and money.

The Experience

Eating at a buffet restaurant will also give you a chance to be more appreciative of food. It doesn’t need to be rushed and you know that there will always be other options. It will give you a degustation-like experience, wherein you can take some time with every bite, determining whether or not to get more of this certain dish. If alone, the entire dining experience can be some sort of a food-tasting session.


However, eating at buffet restaurants is definitely more fun with some company. Imagine you and your friends catching up with each other or your family spending some quality time together, all over good food. Having someone to talk to also allows you to unwind more and get some stress out of your system in the form of laughter and stories. Or you can also ask somebody out on a date at a buffet restaurant and indulge yourselves with comfort food without worrying about your waistlines and body masses. It’s just you, your date, and food. Perfect.

There can be a lot of other reasons to consider, but doesn’t good food with good people sound like an awesome idea? So start your journey now and unveil a new world of endless choices and unlimited food!


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