CashCashPinoy x GrabTaxi

Ever stumbled upon articles about the modus operandi of some of the taxi drivers around the Metro? Or the killer buses and endless MRT lines? Ooh, heart-breaking isn’t it? Commuters, we feel your pain, that is why, we, at CashCashPinoy brings you CashCashPinoy x GrabTaxi!


Commuters, rejoice! Now you can book a taxi from anywhere in the Metro with the innovative GrabTaxi application. This up-and-rising app in the Philippines is the first and largest taxi booking app in Metro Manila that is also present in Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangkok. It’s a safe and a hassle-free way to book a taxi and get to your destination, worry-free!



Now you don’t have to stand waiting for hours in a taxi line or be worried about malicious taxi drivers. CashCashPinoy now offers you discount vouchers for you to use and abuse! Simply hand these Discount Vouchers to the GrabTaxi taxi driver and you’ll enjoy discounted taxi fares to your desired destination. Discount Vouchers are printed on paper and will be delivered straight to any Metro Manila address.

Enjoy these benefits when you use the GrabTaxi app:

  • GrabTaxi has screened all of their drivers’ backgrounds and credentials to ensure passenger safety
  • GrabTaxi can be downloaded for FREE on your Android, Apple, Windows, and BlackBerry mobile devices
  • You only need to activate the app just once
  • Book a taxi with just 2 taps because the app auto-detects your location and pre-fills your Pick-Up
  • Once you’ve booked your destination, a driver will be assigned to you and you can monitor his location
  • See the GrabTaxi taxis available in your location
  • You can share you whereabouts via Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • Taxi issues a receipt upon drop off and you only have to pay the price indicated, no haggling or raising of fare prices

Choose from bundle of 10 (for P250 only) or 24 (for P500 only), P50 GrabTaxi Discount Vouchers. Imagine, safety and savings, for 58% OFF! So, what are you waiting for? Get your CashCashPinoy Grab Taxi vouchers here.


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