CashCashPinoy Foodie Feast: May 2014

Get your cameras ready as CashCashPinoy takes you to one gastronomic tour to fill—not just your tummy—but your heart and soul. Grab your family, friends, or both, and let us treat you with good food this coming merry month of May! Just click the pictures for the links, click buy now, and yes, type that #foodporn, and here you go!




Slice High StreetLove breakfast for any meal of the day? Then CashCashPinoy x Slice will surely satisfy your cravings! Savor All-Day Breakfast items like Hungry Man’s Eggs Benedict and Slice Scramble. Then go for healthy and filling Rice Meals and Rice Melts made with brown rice topped with meat and covered in a yummy sauce. And oh, don’t forget to relish their Aglio Olio Pasta made with salmon and shrimp sautéed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil. The darling restaurant of Sen. Pia Cayetano will surely make you come back for more! Yes, it’s only P175 for P350 worth of food and drinks, so go splurge!



barriofiesta3Barrio Fiesta Chicken + Shanghai Rice—Aaaah, summer time is fiesta time! And where better to take your family for a festive meal than Barrio Fiesta? You’ll surely be in for a treat with the CashCashPinoy x Barrio Fiesta Feast for only P450! It includes one Whole Fried Chicken cooked the way Pinoys want them – crisp skin, no breading, with tender meat, and perfectly paired with ketchup. This goes absolutely well with the Shanghai Rice that has flavored fried rice with bits of veggies and meat and topped with scrambled egg. And of course, the meal comes complete with drinks – a 1.5 L bottle of Pepsi. The servings are all good for sharing so bring your family or group of friends on to Barrio Fiesta and relish this Filipino food feast!



crazycrepes3Crazy Crepes—Have you tried one of the best-tasting crepes in town? If not, you’re missing half of your life! Grab that fresh yummy dessert and indulge in the sweet and savory flavors at Crazy Crepes! These delicious desserts are prepared right before your very eyes. What better way to beat the heat than by filling your tummy with these yummy treat. For only P325 for P500 worth, get your fill of crepes, parfait, or crepe samurai. Yes, you dessert monster, CashCashPinoy says you’re welcome.



networld2Japanese Set Meals at Networld Hotel—CashCashPinoy knows you’ve been craving for some Japanese food goodness, and voila, your wish is our command! You’ll definitely have a taste of the Japan with these set meals at Kaishu Japanese Restaurant in Networld Hotel Spa and Casino. Choose from Tonkatsu Set (Tonkatsu, Chuka Salad, and Rice), Yakisoba and Chahan Set (Tonkatsu, Chuka Salad, and Rice), Yakiniku Set (Gohan, Yakiniku, and Chuka Salad), or Ebi and California Set (Ebi (shrimp) Tempura and California Maki). Each Set Meal comes complete with drinks and a brownie, too! Yes, go Japan Japan and put your chopsticks on for as low as P290!


serenitea2Serenitea—Give in to your craving for thirst-quenching drinks. Because CashCashPinoy believes that you deserve nothing but the best beverage perfect for after meal bondings, we give you Serenitea! Serenitea was one of the first milk tea purveyors in Metro Manila that started the milk tea craze with their yummy and innovative menu. Check out the various drinks you can enjoy at Serenitea for 33% OFF: Milk Tea, Pulpy, Fruitea, Tease, Choco Charm, and Yakult. Yes, go buy as many vouchers and treat your loved ones. Aaaah, refreshing.



lucas3Luca’s Corner Deep-Dish Pizzas—Pizza? Hell yeah! Enjoy the distinguishable taste and quality of homemade deep-dish pizzas only from Luca’s Corner! Take these to a party and blow everyone away with the awesome flavor combinations, abundant toppings, and fresh ingredients used in each deep-dish pizza. Cheesetealk? Margherita? Pepperoni? Can’t decide? Better yet, get all, and have a pizza food feast!

There you go, CashCashPinoy got your breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner, and midnight snack covered! What are you waiting for? C’mon stop staring at those pictures, snap out of your daydream and snap your #foodporn worthy shots with CashCashPinoy’s offers! Om nom nom nom.

Want more? Well then, check more food deals here. And oh, don’t forget to #cashcashpinoy your great food shots! As we might give you something special. Enjoy! Dig in!


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