12 Style Tips To Make You Look Slimmer

fashion-slimIf you badly need to slim down in an instant, these 12 essential clothing pieces might be your salvation. They will make you look slimmer and taller instantly.

  1. Endow yourself with shape wear
    Shape wear is an effective piece of underclothing made to give you the body shape you have always wanted. It generally works to distribute the lumps, bumps and sagging body parts in the right places. It sucks the stomach in, slims the thighs, trims the waist and pushes the bottom up. It smooths the body out to give that fine silhouette.
  2. Choose the right length and fit
    Stay away from capri pants, baggy, shapeless jeans, formless skirts, and pleated pants. They will give you a shapeless form too. Instead, you could wear dark denim pants that fall just at the ankles. When it comes to skirts, choose knee-length pencils or an A-line skirt that ends just above the knee level. Now, when you have all these essentials, make sure they all fit right, not too tight and not too loose.
  3. Low-cut vamp shoes
    Low-cut vamp shoes give the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. It will be even better to buy a pair with the same coloring as your skin color to give your legs an even more slender appeal.
  4. Head-to-toe black
    choose-the-right-length-and-fitWearing a single color in all your clothes gives an instant illusion of being slim. The reason behind it is that the color creates a long vertical line. This is great for those who also want to look thinner and taller at the same time.
  5. High-rise jeans
    High-rise jeans are another must-have in your wardrobe. It also gives the look of an elongated and slimmer lower body. Choose a high-waist jean that ends just above the belly button and play with it. Jeans can be paired with almost anything.
  6. Vertical stripes
    Vertical stripes make long straight lines that will also create an illusion of a longer and slimmer body. And this kind of stripes is usually flattering on just about any figure.
  7. Skinny belts
    Belts are usually worn to give definition to a waist that is invisible. In cases where one wears a tunic or a shapeless dress, a skinny belt tied around the waist will create a waistline for you. Avoid thick belts because they tend to make a person look stocky. Skinny belts are now available in fun prints and styles.
  8. Statement jackets
    Statement jackets, particularly those with big and structured shoulders, can instantly make you look slimmer and taller when worn with skinny jeans. It will create a triangle-shaped body which tapers down to the bottom.
  9. A loose fitting blouse
    A loose-fitting blouse tucked in the skinny jeans will mask all the bulges you do not have to show. Plus, the skinny jeans give a slimmer look at the bottom.
  10. Fake an hourglass silhouette
    low-cut-vamp-shoesTo create the perfect silhouette, which is the hourglass, all you need to have are curve-creating essentials. Dresses that have waist-cinching belts and flares at the bottom are a must-have. They make your waist look smaller, which will give you a slimmer appearance.
  11. Clothes that elongate
    Some of the important clothing pieces you should have in order to achieve a taller and slimmer you are some straight or boot cut jeans, short skirts, statement print tops, skinny belts, heels, shoes that blend with your skin tone and high rise pants.
  12. Dark pants
    Dark pants, particularly black, has a slimming effect. You can wear them with a colored or printed blouse for a pop of color.

Once you have all these great items, you won’t have a problem mixing and matching with other clothes and create that slimmer silhouette you have been dying to have.